Children In Need – 18th November 2011: Rodney Chambers Clients and Visitors raised £70 today by selling cup cakes and cookies. All for a good cause!

Tickled Pink Day – 28th October 2011: Rodney Chambers raised £50 today. Staff and Clients all wore pink for the day and participated in a cake sale and a raffle. The money was donated to The Lily Centre Support Group in Liverpool.

Red Nose Day – 18th March 2011: Rodney Chambers raised £100 for Comic Relief today. Reception staff all bought Vivienne Westwood t-shirts, sold Special Edition Rice Krispie Squares and sold raffle tickets for a ‘Suprise Red Themed Prize’ which included red wine, a red nose, a pair of red socks, red underpants, strawberry flavoured lollipop, ready salted crisps, Special Edition Red Nose Day box of Malteasers, Kit Kat, can of Coca Cola and a Special Edition Red Nose Day Rice Krispie Squares bar.

St. Patrick’s Day – 17th March 2011: To get into the spirit of the day all Clients at Rodney Chambers participated in a syndicate to bet on the Irish Lottery…………unfortunately we didn’t win!!!

Pancake Day – 8th March 2011: Rodney Chambers Reception gave out pancakes today filled with strawberries, nutella, ice cream, bananas, sugar, lemon and syrup. mmmmmmmmmm

Children In Need – 19th November 2010: Rodney Chambers Clients were very generous today and raised £180.95 for Children In Need. Reception staff wore wigs, painted their faces and sold Special Edition Children In Need fairy cakes.